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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Robert Glück & Stacy Szymaszek: May 28, 2011

Robert Glück, Alice Whitwham & Stacy Szymaszek

Stacy Szymaszek & Robert Glück

Robert Glück

Stacy Szymaszek

Alice Whitwham, curator of POETRY @ 4 4 3 P A S

Stacy Szymaszek & Kathleen Miller

Robert Glück & Stacy Szymaszek

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Artist's Talk with Laurel Sparks

Laurel Sparks
Princess Coo Coo
Acrylic, marble dust, paper mache, enamel, Venetian glass, watercolor, marker, pigment, unpainted canvas
65 x 46

Artist’s Talk with Laurel Sparks
Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 6-9 PM

Please join us for an Artist’s Talk with Laurel Sparks, in conjunction with the exhibition Laurel Sparks: Against Nature, on view at 4 4 3 P A S until June 3rd.

Inspired by Tarot symmetry and Felliniesque characters, Sparks’ work embodies and disembodies Glam rock decadence and occult mysticism. Toxic color, fake jewels and chunks of glitter evoke a Dionysian atmosphere that attracts and repels. Elegant, yet irreverent, her paintings and collages dare viewers to embrace their uncivilized beauty.

Sparks holds an MFA from Bard and a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her work was recently exhibited in the DeCordova Biennial (Lincoln, MA) and Dramatis Personae at Dodge Gallery (New York, NY). She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stacy Szymaszek/Laurel Sparks

by Stacy Szymasek
published by Litmus Press

Laurel Sparks
Betty's Revenge
Flashe, acrylic, marble dust, black glitter on linen
66 x 72

Stacy Szymaszek

excerpts from Hyperglossia

he ceased

to exist as                       a boy

became                 an appellation

filed away                       embedded hairs of a chin

now hearsay of                      hyperglossia

my eyes are dyed blue

my breast

                      plate protects

                      a spool    adversary’s nail was lodged

                      in my skull             these roots          won’t work

                      said the cook                       changed the

                      valance                   spooked form

                      of panther ran


he uses

                   his hands

to please her                       in the shade

                   of a sycamore

Eustace                       she authenticates

                   a Roman soldier

“uh-oh” what

                                      I thought

now etrnly wedged in
       the emphatic

via particulate


               my head                   leaks honey

on an alabaster



I scrub my body with a clump
of thistle       gulp juice from another bladder      holy
fool to holy writ       I posit a figure for embargo
develop commodity       this is a practice story       cough up
anterior in dust of golden lumber       masculine rhyme
used as an intensifier    Umbrian also surviving only in inscription
and within folds of pre-Roman woman       I export
I to modulate what you know Control Freak
holes in the story must be rearranged
for shee to eke out a living       formally
it’s a hutment       evident and fluent in
telegraphese       a baby talking to a bird      he wouldn’t rather
stay in a mirage       of her own touristy carnage
table pate       the only wound
permit to the panther

- Stacy Szymaszek

Robert Glück

excerpt from I, Boombox

Shakespeare’s glittering
In the sun. Blow
Buddy from mantrap
W/mustache fluffed
The ecstatic inferior,
The design of the
85% room.
Secretive and
Passionate, he really
Hopped that wasn’t
True. Multi-radical
From macho to micro,
Verbal knit love
Pitched between
Tenderness and volume,
Fucking a young
Muscle buffoon.
My penis stands
For something.
Bearded headache.
A miniature surveyor
The long scratch
Between stations.
The devastation of
The dollar for
Unblemished fun,
The penis cinemateque.
Parenteral nutrition
Marginal appetite.
Or giving Prozac
Room an exotic
Accent to reproach
Another part of
The divan. Love
Reptiles with pics.
Star in the mildew
Along the Peruvian
Coast in Lake
Archaic. Expensively
Good, I prefer acting
OUT. I felt a
Little bite out
Of it. Trick
The market, early
Modern nudes that
People are undulating
About or striking
Rigid poems.
That laptop laugh.
Jimmy the Window
Smoothes his lanoline
Soaked hair and nipples
Kissing, mourning,
Hiking, the rumbling
Of Heckert’s
Shows Prostrates
Gathered in front
Of a church
In the seventies
They ate hurriedly
From the pack
At bitter campfire
To miss the
Executing draft.
NBA Bars 4
After a Brawl
Of innovating forms.
Text dreams as text
Away from motive.
That suddenly
Adopted the wind.
In its boredom
Light presents itself.
Major watercolor fodder,
Alternative definitive
Blond, Sol Lewitt
Sodomized me, the
Vast mark
Of his face
Hangs here—sudden
Light underneath
A cornice. Myself
As dilemma, sometimes
For centuries a lost
Bottom boy. The
Website of Zard
Omran, my brother,
Or the notion of
His freedomed collapse
His own gray
Domestic animals.

- Robert Glück

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Least Weasel Chapbook Launch

Least Weasel Chapbook Launch
Saturday, June 25, 2011, 6-9 PM

Please join the editors of Least Weasel Chapbooks, for the chapbook launch — reading by the poets Joanna Fuhrman, Christopher Funkhouser, Brenda Iijima, erica kaufman, Jane Rice, and Christina Strong.

Least Weasel Chapbooks are a new venture from Propolis Press, featuring the work of contemporary poets with letterpress covers printed by artist-publisher-poet Karen Randall.

For more information, please visit us at

About the Readers:

Joanna Fuhrman is the author of four full-length collections of poetry, most recently Moraine (Hanging Loose Press, 2006) and Pageant (Alice James Books, 2009). She is the poetry editor for Boog City, a community newspaper for the Lower East Side and the Wednesday night curator for the Poetry Project at Saint Mark’s Church for the 2010/2011 season. Her poem “Stagflation” won a 2011 Pushcart Prize. She teaches poetry in her apartment, public schools, and at Rutgers University and will be reading from her new Least Weasel chapbook: The Emotive Function.

Christopher Funkhouser is an Associate Professor and Director of the Communication and Media program in the Department of Humanities at New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he teaches Digital Poetry, Electronic Literature, Cybertext, and other courses. He has also taught courses at Naropa University (2007) and University of Pennsylvania (2010), where he holds a position as Senior Editor at PennSound. He is author of the documentary study Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archeology of Forms, 1959-1995 (University of Alabama Press, 2007), the chapbooks Electro þerdix (Least Weasel, 2011), LambdaMOO_Sessions (Writer’s Forum, 2006), and an e-book (CD-ROM), Selections 2.0, published by the Faculty of Creative Multimedia at Multimedia University (Malaysia), where he was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar in 2006.

Brenda Iijima’s books of poetry include Around Sea (2004), Animate, Inanimate Aims (2007), Subsistence Equipment (2008), Revv. You’ll—ution (2009), and If Not Metamorphic (2010). Joan Retallack writes that “Iijima’s eco-provocations have the lightness and gravitas of an improbably reconsecrated world glimpsed at its hectic, interrogatively driven conception. On the edge of loss, words have taken on directagency.” Her chapbook, Glossematics, Thus is an imaginary three-way conversation with/between/on Jacques Derrida, Tyrone Williams and herself quilted within autobiography, saturated through layers of socio-historical detail—sedimentary. She lives in Brooklyn where she runs Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs.

erica kaufman is the author of censory impulse (Factory School, 2009) as well as several chapbooks. Poems from the Least Weasel chapbook, INSTANT CLASSIC, can be found in Little Red Leaves & in Elective Affinities. kaufman is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center where she studies Composition and Rhetoric and its possible relationships to contemporary poetics. she lives in Brooklyn and teaches at Baruch College and Bard’s Institute for Writing & Thinking.

Jane Rice lives in San Francisco and is the author of Portrait Sitters (Propolis Press, 2007), a painterly sequence of likenesses of Montparnasse artists during the inter-war period. “Like any excellent portraitist, she exposes her subjects’ emotional landscapes, but she also goes beyond the frame of the individual to evoke an entire time and place.”—Cole Swensen. Her recent work has appeared in qarrtsiluni, Diner, Barrow Street and RealPoetik. Her Least Weasel chapbook, The Truth about the World, is a polyphonic dance that keeps the mind reeling.

Christina Strong (a.k.a. xtina) has work recently published and (rumored to be) forthcoming in the West Wind Review, EOAGH, and Flarf: An Anthology of Flarf. She is the author of The New York School (Propolis Press, 2009) and the chapbook Fifth Plateau from Pink Adrenaline Star. She is currently working on a project about race and riots in the 1960s and makes things pretty for a living.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peggy Resnick: Recent Paintings

Peggy Resnick
A New Day
oil on canvas
34" x 36"

Peggy Resnick: Recent Paintings
Curated by Chris Warrington
June 9, 2011 – July 8, 2011
Reception for the artist: Thursday, June 9 6-8 PM

4 4 3 P A S is pleased to announce Peggy Resnick: Recent Paintings. Peggy Resnick's paintings are rigorous meditations on line and color. In some paintings, line acts as an armature for color. In others, color acts as a ground for dense networks of lines. The line is always strong, and color ranges from vibrant to earthy to a rich palette of grays. While the paintings may suggest images – textiles, landscapes, illuminated manuscripts – they remain entirely abstract. Free from the constraints of specificity, they invite the viewer to open-ended reading and contemplation.

Resnick holds a BA from Washington University, an MA from Teachers College Columbia University and a BFA from The Cooper Union. She has exhibited her work at Art in General (New York, NY) the Parrish Art Museum (Southhampton, NY), and the Silvermine Arts Guild (New Canaan, CT). She lives and works in New York, NY.

4 4 3 P A S is open Monday-Friday from 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.

For further information please visit us at

Robert Glück & Stacy Szymaszek

POETRY @ 4 4 3 P A S:
Robert Glück & Stacy Szymaszek

Saturday, May 28, 2011, 6-9 PM
Curated by Alice Whitwham

Please join us for a reading by the poets Robert Glück and Stacy Szymaszek, in conjunction with the exhibition Laurel Sparks: Against Nature.

Robert Glück is the author of nine books of poetry and fiction, including two novels, Margery Kempe and Jack the Modernist, a book of stories, Denny Smith, and a book of poems and short prose, Reader. Glück was Co-Director of Small Press Traffic, Director of The Poetry Center at San Francisco State, and Associate Editor at Lapis Press. He prefaced Between Life and Death, a book of paintings by Frank Moore, and with artist Dean Smith he made the film, Aliengnosis. With Gail Scott, Camille Roy, and Mary Burger, he edited the anthology, Biting The Error: Writers on Narrative. He lives "high on a hill" in San Francisco.

“The transactions between Glück's narrators (they are all 'Bob,' each an incarnation of the author himself) and their objects of erotic interest are broken down into slivers of lubricity and possibility, moments as loaded with a sense of loss and dread as with the potential orgasm [...] Removing the deranging clumsiness of pornography from the erotic, Glück reveals it as a terrain of emotional risk. His Characters, by turns empathetic, authoritative, and contemplative, continually discover their feelings in places excluded from ordinary renderings of love. What the lower deposits in a toilet bowl or ejaculates into a napkin can be a field of study as rich as the human face.

[...] Because Glück emphatically constructs the reality he shows, his reader is always aware of the writer writing; and this translucence is, somehow, an entirely natural element in his work, rather than a conspicuous device. Glück's authorial voice is personal and dispassionate; it is a voice whose very mildness lures one into an orgiastic wilderness without maps or compass. He is an avuncular de Sade."

- Gary Indiana on Denny Smith, Bookforum

Stacy Szymaszek was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the summer of 1969 and grew up there. She studied at the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), graduating in 1991 with a BA in Literature. She is the author of the books Emptied of All Ships (2005) and Hyperglossia (2009), both published by Litmus Press, as well as numerous chapbooks, including Pasolini Poems (Cy Press, 2005), Orizaba: A Voyage with Hart Crane (Faux Press, 2008), Stacy S.: Autoportraits (OMG, 2008), and from Hart Island (Albion Books, 2009). From 1999 to 2005, she worked at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee. In 2005, she moved to New York City, where she is the Artistic Director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.

“Out beyond the laws of kinship, Hyperglossia is equal parts kin with Kathy Acker’s In Memoriam to Identity and kari edwards’s a day in the life of p.. Szymaszek’s book proposes a world of post-mortality nobody can be slain in absentia where bodies and souls are transported trans-oceanically in leaky vessels whose very uselessness argues for a radically queer trans-poetics, a kind of transmigratory being in which identity, like gender a tomb, can only fail because one ceases to exist as this or that thing. Hyperglossia nourishes trans-identity, an ailment not to be treated except with anagrammatic homeopathies sibilant whispers which cure our injured declarations of love by transmuting a language that otherwise falsifies us into wholeness and pretends to fix us. Hyperglossia is the critical form disruption takes to interrupt the regime. This is writing as metempsychosis, activating a movement across bodies and names, species and spaces, making what’s been excluded from sense sensible blown pink omissions where we’re all twice dying between honey and shipwreck.”

- Rob Halpern on Hyperglossia

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Litmus Press Spring Book Party

Litmus Press Spring Book Party!

4 4 3 P A S @ Kevin M. Absec Designs, Inc.
443 Park Avenue South, Suite 604

June 10, 2011
6PM - 9PM

Litmus Press is having a party to celebrate their new and recent releases: Beauport, by Kate Colby, a new and expanded edition of How Phenomena Appear to Unfold, by Leslie Scalapino, and Aufgabe #10. The event will feature readings by Charles Bernstein, Kate Colby, Stephanie Gray, Jill Magi, Christopher Stackhouse, and Joan Retallack. Please join us, and invite your friends!