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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stacy Szymaszek

excerpts from Hyperglossia

he ceased

to exist as                       a boy

became                 an appellation

filed away                       embedded hairs of a chin

now hearsay of                      hyperglossia

my eyes are dyed blue

my breast

                      plate protects

                      a spool    adversary’s nail was lodged

                      in my skull             these roots          won’t work

                      said the cook                       changed the

                      valance                   spooked form

                      of panther ran


he uses

                   his hands

to please her                       in the shade

                   of a sycamore

Eustace                       she authenticates

                   a Roman soldier

“uh-oh” what

                                      I thought

now etrnly wedged in
       the emphatic

via particulate


               my head                   leaks honey

on an alabaster



I scrub my body with a clump
of thistle       gulp juice from another bladder      holy
fool to holy writ       I posit a figure for embargo
develop commodity       this is a practice story       cough up
anterior in dust of golden lumber       masculine rhyme
used as an intensifier    Umbrian also surviving only in inscription
and within folds of pre-Roman woman       I export
I to modulate what you know Control Freak
holes in the story must be rearranged
for shee to eke out a living       formally
it’s a hutment       evident and fluent in
telegraphese       a baby talking to a bird      he wouldn’t rather
stay in a mirage       of her own touristy carnage
table pate       the only wound
permit to the panther

- Stacy Szymaszek

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